Undergraduate Fellowship

Fully funded undergraduate summer research fellowships are available!

The NIH-funded Center for the Structural Biology of HIV-1 RNA (CRNA) seeks undergraduates interested in conducting research on HIV-1 RNA structure and function during the summer of 2024.

ROHR students will join participating CRNA laboratories located throughout the country (see website for a list of participating labs and application instructions) for an 8 to 10-week summer research experience during summer 2024. Each student will be matched with a laboratory according to their research interests. Selected undergraduate will work on projects under the direct supervision of faculty, postdoctoral fellows and/or senior graduate students, participate in group activities, and travel to the NIH in Bethesda Maryland to attend a scientific meeting and help present their lab’s results.

Travel and living expenses will be provided.  APPLICATIONS ARE DUE January 19, 2024