Chelsey Spriggs, PhD

Chelsey is fascinated by how viruses interact with their host cells to complete their life cycles and how viral infection can lead to cancer. Earning a PhD in 2017 from Northwestern University, Chelsey researched the role of DNA damage repair pathways in human papillomavirus (HPV) replication and cancer development and is now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Michigan studying the cellular entry pathway of another cancer-causing virus—polyomavirus. Chelsey is excited to run her own research lab studying DNA tumor virus-host interactions while training the next generation of young scientists—starting Summer 2022! The lack of representation in STEM is, at times, discouraging; and Chelsey aims to serve as a role-model (and resource) for underrepresented minority students interested in biological research through engaging in outreach, mentorship, and teaching opportunities.